Wireless Networks Lab & Telecommunication Systems Lab of NRU HSE develop new approaches to real-time applications in Wi-Fi

Currently, quality of Wi-Fi networks to manage the transfer of RTA data is not reliable. This is due to the fact that Wi-Fi networks operate in unlicensed frequency bands, in which device transmissions are often affected by interference from neighboring devices, and possible collisions during data transmission lead to high latency. In order to change the current situation, the IEEE 802 committee that develops the Wi-Fi network standard announced the beginning of the development of an addendum to the IEEE 802.11be standard devoted to real-time applications in Wi-Fi networks. Despite the fact that this supplement has just begun to be developed, it already describes some approaches to ensuring low latency and reliable data transfer, one of which was developed and proposed by researchers from the WNL: Evgeny Avdotin, Dmitry Bankov and Evgeny Khorov.

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