5 WNL Papers Accepted in Top Journals

At the beginning of 2020, five papers of the WNL team were accepted in the top-ranking journals.

Congratulations and gratitude for the great results to the entire WNL team!

“2020 began with wonderful news. At the beginning of the year, five papers were accepted in top scientific journals”, – says Evgeny Khorov, the head of the Wireless Networks Lab.

“When we were working on the proposal for the Megagrant, we had a goal to improve the quality of our research and to make our results visible in the international field. One of the evidence of the high quality is excellent publications. Of course, good publications do not appear immediately. What we see this month is the result of a two-year work, hard work and phase transition that occurred thanks to Megagrant. I hope this series will continue with many more papers that are under review now or in progress. I am very proud of the excellent team we built up. And I thank Prof. Akyildiz, who joined us as the Megagrant leader”, – added Evgeny Khorov.

The WNL team is also expecting to publish more scientific results until the end of this year.

The following papers have already been accepted for publication in early 2020.

The paper “A Framework to Maximize the Capacity of 5G Systems for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications” by Evgeny Khorov, Artem Krasilov, Ilya Selnitskiy, and Ian F. Akyildiz will appear in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.







The paper “Prototyping and Experimental Study of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Wi-Fi Networks” by Evgeny Khorov, Aleksey Kureev, Ilya Levitsky, and Ian F. Akyildiz will appear in the  IEEE Network Magazine.


The paper “Fast and Reliable Alert Delivery in Mission-Critical Wi-Fi HaLow Sensor Networks” by Evgeny Khorov, Andrey Lyakhov, Ivan Nasedkin, Ruslan Yusupov, Jeroen Famaey, Ian F. Akyildiz is published in IEEE ACCESS.


Another paper accepted to this journal is “Modeling of Real-Time Multimedia Streaming in Wi-Fi Networks with Periodic Reservations” by Evgeny KhorovAndrey Lyakhov, Alexandr Ivanov, and Ian F. Akyildiz.

The paper “Radio access network design with software-defined mobility management” by Ahan Kak, Aleksey Kureev, Evgeny Khorov & Ian F. Akyildiz is published in the “Wireless Networks” journal.







Evgeny Khorov is the head of the Wireless Networks Lab at IITP RAS and vice-chair of the Problems of Information Transmission and Data Analysis Department at MIPT. In 2018 he received Scopus Award Russia for his publications.

Wireless Networks Lab is a “Megagrant” lab established in 2017 around the project on Cloudified Wireless Networks for 5G and beyond, led by Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. The team regularly reports at leading IEEE conferences, runs industrial projects and contributes to the standardization of wireless networks.