Researchers of the IITP RAS and the HSE University Receive a Key Patent for Invention Allowing Use of 5G in Cloud VR

Artem Krasilov, Maxim Susloparov and Evgeny Khorov have authored a new patented method of sending data using two 5G New Radio base stations operating in the low-frequency and high-frequency (millimeter) ranges.

The use of millimeter-wave frequencies allows increasing the throughput manyfold, however, when obstacles appear between the user and the base station, the data transfer rate is significantly reduced, which leads to data loss. In this regard, in order to successfully service augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) traffic, it is necessary to increase the reliability of data transmission.

The inventors propose to transmit the main stream of virtual reality data mainly through a mmWave base station in order to achieve maximum throughput. The low-frequency base station is used only to transmit the data that will not have time to be delivered in time via mmWave. The developers propose to choose the retransmission parameters are chosen in such a way as to fulfill the strict requirements for the quality of service of AR/VR traffic.

Compared to existing solutions, the proposed method significantly reduces the use of low-frequency channel resources, which allows more resources to be allocated to other data streams and users.

The invention can be used by network operators and telecommunication hardware vendors to significantly improve the quality of service for AR/VR and other types of real-time traffic while occupying the low-frequency channel resources sparingly.

In June of this year, the authors of the patent presented their solution at the IEEE BlackSeaCom 2022 international conference. You can also watch a recording of Maxim Susloparov’s report on AR/VR traffic balancing algorithms made at the Moscow Telecommunications Seminar.

Researchers in Wireless Networks Lab in the IITP RAS are the authors of the patent “Device for weighted multiplexing of signals in the fifth generation wireless communication system”, until recently the only patent related to 5G technology and owned by a Russian organization. In addition, the WNL members became the authors of many solutions based on Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, LTE-A and others technologies. All information about the activities of the laboratory on the website: