Head of Wireless Networks Lab Evgeny Khorov Gets Scopus Award

One of the world’s largest science publishers, Elsevier, has announced the results of Scopus Awards Russia, honoring the country’s researchers for their contribution to science. The awards are given based on how many research papers an applicant has published, as well as the number of times they were cited in major international journals.

Evgeny Khorov, the head of the Wireless Networks Lab at IITP RAS and vice chair of the problems of information transmission and data analysis at MIPT, was listed among the most highly cited young researchers.

The Scopus Awards have been held in Russia since 2005. The publishing company presents similar awards to the most frequently cited authors from Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The contest recognizes research papers indexed in the Scopus database. The winners of the 2018 Scopus Awards Russia were selected in the 11 subject areas.