Wireless Networks Lab Wins the Russian Science Foundation Grant

On March 30, 2021, the Russian Science Foundation published the results of the Scientific Grants call for “Conducting Fundamental Scientific Research and Exploratory Research by Individual Scientific Groups”. Wireless Networks Lab won the Grant with the project on Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technologies entitled “Multiple Access Methods in High-Density Wireless Local Area Networks with Real-time Traffic” led by Prof. Andrey Lyakhov. The Grant program supports scientific research for 2021-2023 and engages prolongation of contract up to 2 years.

The project aims to develop solutions for real-time application support in WLANs with big numbers of devices. This scientific development for the project is critically important for modern technological growth due to many rapidly increasing numbers of factors including (but not limited to) the following ones. Firstly, real-time applications are appearing and becoming widespread, including virtual and augmented reality, remote control, and industrial Internet of Things applications. These applications make high demands on the reliability of data transmission (the packet loss probability should not exceed 0.001%) and latency (should not exceed 1–10 ms). Secondly, the density of wireless networks is also increasing, which motivates the new requirements to support big numbers of devices in the networks. At the same time, since WLAN technologies, such as Wi-Fi, are widespread, cheap, and widely accessible, it is very important to develop solutions to support real-time applications and big numbers of devices in WLANs.

Most of the project participants are young researchers of WNL, who will improve their skills in the design and optimization of solutions to service real-time traffic in dense wireless local area networks. The significance of the project results obtained for world science will be confirmed by publications in top-rated international journals and in the proceedings of leading international conferences in the field of telecommunications.

The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) supports scientific and technological programs and projects in the field of fundamental research. It aims at obtaining advanced scientific knowledge about the basic structure, functioning, and development of human beings, society, and the environment. The Foundation was established at the initiative of the President of Russia in 2013, and since that time the Foundation has supported more than 55 thousand Russian scientists.

Wireless Networks Lab is a ‘Megagrant’ lab established in 2017 around the project on Cloudified Wireless Networks for 5G and beyond, led by Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. The team regularly reports at leading IEEE conferences, runs industrial projects, and contributes to the standardization of wireless networks.