WNL Members Evgeny Avdotin, Dmitry Bankov, Evgeny Khorov and Andrey Lyakhov Receive Best Paper Award at the IEEE PIMRC 2019

WNL members Evgeny Avdotin, Dmitry Bankov, Evgeny Khorov, and Andrey Lyakhov have received the Best Paper Award at the 30th 2019 Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (IEEE PIMRC 2019). The conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey 8-11 September, 2019.

The award-winning paper is titled “Enabling Massive Real-Time Applications in IEEE 802.11be Networks” and is dedicated to the support of real-time applications in the next generation of Wi-Fi networks aka Wi-Fi 7. Specifically, it presents a novel solution to provide reliable service with very low delay, required by such applications, as virtual and augmented reality, industrial automation, drone control, and security. This solution is based on the usage of OFDMA technology, which allows a Wi-Fi access point to exchange data with several devices at the same time by dividing the frequency band into subbands and assigning them to different devices.

The WNL team has proposed how to modify OFDMA  to support real-time applications. Such functionality can be introduced in the IEEE 802.11be: a new Wi-Fi standard the development of which has started in 2019. The paper also designs an algorithm that schedules the network resources in a way to provide low delay and high reliability for real-time data and, at the same time, leaves as much channel resources as possible to the data of lower priority, thus allowing numerous devices to be served in the network.

The IEEE PIMRC 2019 is a top-ranked scientific conference which brings together researchers, academics, industry representatives to exchange the latest ideas in advanced aspects of telecommunications.

Wireless Networks Lab is a ‘Megagrant’ lab established in 2017 around the project on Cloudified Wireless Networks for 5G and beyond, led by Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. The team regularly reports at leading IEEE conferences, runs industrial projects and contributes to standardization of wireless networks.