WNL Organizes a Workshop on Cloudified Architectures for 5G and beyond Systems at IEEE Globecom 2018

A major challenge for future wireless systems is the design of flexible network architectures that can support an increasingly diverse set of applications and services with heterogeneous user and network requirements. Existing commercial wireless systems – both 3GPP and non-3GPP ones – rely on closed hardware-based platforms. Such a rigid paradigm dramatically delays the adoption and deployment of new standards; also, it imposes significant challenges in the implementation and innovation of techniques to support new services, to maximize spectrum and network efficiency, and to improve wireless coverage.

Software-defined networking enables reconfigurable, scalable, low-cost, and efficient solutions for enhanced mobile broadband communications, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable low latency communications, which are the main three targets for 5G developers. Thanks to virtualization technology and network function virtualization, deployed wireless systems will be ready to support innovative communication solutions including those using THz spectrum or light communications.

To bring together leading researchers from both academia and industry, to provide an opportunity for them to share their vision on 5G, new cloudified architectures, and solutions enabled by such architectures as well as to present new performance evaluation methods and prototyping, Wireless Network Lab Organizes a Workshop on Cloudified Architectures for 5G and beyond Systems at IEEE Globecom 2018.

IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s two flagship conferences dedicated to driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications. Each year, more than 3000 scientific researchers and their management submit proposals for program sessions to be held at the annual conference. After extensive peer review, the best of the proposals are selected for the conference program, which includes technical papers, tutorials, workshops and industry sessions designed specifically to advance technologies, systems and infrastructure that are continuing to reshape the world and provide all users with access to an unprecedented spectrum of high-speed, seamless and cost-effective global telecommunications services.

IEEE GLOBECOM 2018 will be held in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirate (UAE) on Dec 9-13, 2018. Abu Dhabi is a diverse modern city with cultural and entertainment attractions for visitors from all around the worlds. It has become a center for world-class sporting events as well as premier cultural institutions including the recently inaugurated Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Workshop site: http://wireless.iitp.ru/ca5g/