Moscow Telecommunication Seminar

Moscow Telecommunication Seminar is a regular seminar held on Wednesdays 17:00 to 19:00 at IITP RAS weekly or bi-weekly.

It aims at driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications, providing an opportunity for researchers to present and exchange significant and innovative contributions and ideas in the field of networking and closely related areas.

We invite leading researchers to share their recent results on advance technologies, systems and infrastructure that are continuing to reshape the world and provide all users with access to an unprecedented spectrum of high-speed, seamless and cost-effective global telecommunications services. To submit a proposal of your talk, please follow the link.

We also invite students and young scientists to receive updates on latest technologies and expand professional and social networking.

The seminar is free and open. However, because of possible room limitation, all participants MUST register before each seminar. Registration is open at the First-Come-First-Serve basis. Registration is closed on the event date, at 11AM or earlier, if no seats are available.

To register, please fill in the form, using this link.        

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