[SEMINAR] October 22, 2021 – Evgeny Korneev – Cloud VR Traffic

We are happy to invite you to the next talk of Moscow Telecommunication Seminar which will be held at 17.00 (MSK, UTC+03:00), on Friday, October 22, 2021, in Zoom. Click here to show the seminar start time in your timezone.

Title: Cloud VR Traffic

Speaker: Evgeny Korneev, IITP RAS, MIPT.

Abstract: Traffic generated by Cloud VR aplications will have fundamentally different structure from the one currently flowing in the Internet. To enable more efficient Cloud VR traffic service in the networks and improve the Quality of user Experience (QoE), relevant traffic and user activity models are required. These models can be used to estimate the impact of QoS parameters (such as throughput, jitter or packet delivery reliability) on the QoE of the end users. During the seminar there will be an overview of the structure of Cloud VR video traffic and the suggested settings that would allow video codecs produce more network-friendly bitstreams.

Bio: Evgeny Korneev received his B.S. degree in applied mathmatics and physics at MIPT in 2021. His thesis was devoted to the development of the video quality adaptation algorithm for Cloud VR. Later, Evgeny was accepted to MIPT’s master program in 2021. Now he continues his work at WNL, focusing his research on improving the quality of Cloud VR applications. Evgeny’s academic inderests include 5G networks, resource allocation and real-time data transmission.

The seminar is free and open.

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