[SEMINAR] January 20, 2023 – Polina Levchenko – Performance Comparison of NB-Fi, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN

We are happy to invite you to the next talk of Moscow Telecommunication Seminar which will be held at 17.00 (MSK, UTC+03:00), on Friday, January 20, 2023, in Skype. Click here to show the seminar start time in your timezone.

Title: Performance Comparison of NB-Fi, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN

Speaker: Polina Levchenko, IITP RAS

Abstract: LPWANs are a promising solution for wireless sensor networks. To compete with such widespread technologies as LoRaWAN and Sigfox, recently a new LPWAN technology called NB-Fi has been developed. In a short time, many NB-Fi networks have been deployed in various countries. Although NB-Fi, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN have been designed for similar applications, they implement different approaches. However, no detailed comparisons of them are present in academic literature. In the seminar, NB-Fi, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN will be analyzed and compared with a focus on performance evaluation results rather than just nominal parameters declared by the developers. Specifically, the packet loss rate, packet error rate and average delay in these networks will be evaluated in different scenarios. The results will be used to provide guidelines to decide which technology to use under which conditions.

Bio: Polina Levchenko joined the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences (IITP RAS) in 2021. She is currently an intern researcher at the Wireless Networks Lab of IITP RAS and is on her way to receive a B.Sc. degree in applied mathematics and physics from the School of Radio Engineering and Computer Technology, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 2023. Her research interests include IoT, LPWAN, and sensor networks.

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