[SEMINAR] November 19, 2021 – Evgeny Khorov – Research and Development of Multiple Access Methods for Wi-Fi Networks in IMT-2020 Scenarios

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Note: the language of the seminar is Russian.

Title: Research and Development of Multiple Access Methods for Wi-Fi Networks in IMT-2020 Scenarios (based on the D.Sc. Thesis)

Speaker: Evgeny Khorov, IITP RAS, NRU HSE, MIPT.

Abstract: It is hardly possible to overestimate the impact of wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi) technologies on the modern life of people. Today Wi-Fi is a ubiquitous technology described by the IEEE 802.11 family of standards, constantly expanding with new amendments to the base standard. These amendments improve the performance of Wi-Fi networks in new scenarios, including those described in the IMT-2020 recommendation. Although IMT-2020 is generally viewed in the context of cellular networks, the key usage models related to serving broadband traffic (including multimedia streams, web traffic), machine-to-machine traffic, and real-time application traffic are also relevant for Wi-Fi networks.
In Wi-Fi networks, the satisfaction of the heterogeneous and even contradictive QoS requirements is complicated because of the unlicensed spectrum and CSMA/CA, which is the base for this technology. This is why the latest amendments to the Wi-Fi standard (IEEE 802.11s / aa / ad / ah / ax / be) are introducing new channel access methods designed to satisfy QoS requirements of the mentioned traffic types in addition to the physical layer methods increasing nominal data rates. The thesis is devoted to the development and research of these channel access methods and the algorithms for their use.

Bio: Evgeny Khorov received his BS and MS degrees with honors from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 2008 and 2010, respectively, and Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications from the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IITP RAS) in 2012. In 2015 he studied Wireless Internet of Things as a Visiting Research Fellow in King’s College London.
Currently, Evgeny Khorov is the Head of Wireless Networks Lab at IITP RAS. Also, he leads the Telecommunication Systems Lab and serves as a member of Academic Council at Higher School of Economics. As a Deputy Chair and Associate Professor at MIPT, Evgeny Khorov is responsible for the Telecommunication Program. He is also an Associate Professor at Moscow State University. He supervises BS, MS, and Ph.D. students.
Evgeny Khorov has developed numerous mathematical models of networking protocols and designed algorithms and protocols described in over 140 papers, some of which received Best Paper Awards: IEEE ISWCS (2012), Elsevier Computer Communications (2018), and IEEE PIMRC (2019), etc. Evgeny has also received the Moscow Government Prize for Young Scientists (2013), Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology for Young Scientists (2016), and Scopus Award Russia (2018). For breakthrough results of the joint industrial projects, in 2015, 2017, and 2018 he was awarded Best Cooperation Project Leader.
Evgeny has led many national and international projects sponsored by academia foundations (RSF, RFBR, Ministry of Science and Higher Education) and industry. Evgeny Khorov is also a voting member and contributor of IEEE 802.11 that develops and standardizes Wi-Fi. He designed several improvements included in the 802.11ax standard, aka Wi-Fi 6. He also initiated activities in 802.11 towards the support of real-time applications, which is currently a target for 802.11be, aka Wi-Fi 7.
Evgeny Khorov gives keynotes & tutorials and participates in panels at large conferences (incl. IEEE PIMRC 2019 and 2017, IEEE Globecom 2017, IEEE ICC 2016, ISWCS 2014, NEW2AN 2018 and 2021). He is a TPC Chair of the IEEE Globecom 2018 Workshop on Cloudified Architectures for 5G and beyond Systems, IEEE BlackSeaCom 2019, Internet Architecture Board Workshop on Network Quality, Executive Chair of WiFlex 2013. He serves as an expert of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Science Foundation, Research Foundation – Flanders, and also as an editor for Ad Hoc Networks (Editor of the Year Award, 2020).

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