Dmitry Bankov – Guest Editor of Special Issue of Electronics “Real-Time Applications Support in Wi-Fi”

Electronics journal releases a Special Issue “Real-Time Applications Support in Wi-Fi”. Dmitry Bankov, a Senior Researcher in Wireless Networks Lab, will serve as a Guest Editor.

The development of computer and telecommunication technologies is giving rise to new scenarios of Wi-Fi usage, such as virtual and augmented reality, haptic technology, remote control, industrial control, and high-quality video streaming. Traffic generated by the corresponding applications — the real-time applications (RTA) — has stringent quality of service requirements, demanding very low delays, limited jitter, and very high reliability. The RTA support in Wi-Fi is a significant motivator of further development of the IEEE 802.11 standard, and many novelties of the under-development IEEE 802.11be amendment (Wi-Fi 7) aim to provide guaranteed latency for RTA. However, due to the peculiarities of Wi-Fi mostly related to the usage of an unlicensed spectrum, RTA support in Wi-Fi is a non-trivial problem. This Special Issue aims to present and investigate new approaches to RTA support in Wi-Fi networks. 

Dmitry Bankov has a rich experience serving as an editor. Dmitry Bankov has served in the organizing committee of IEEE BlackSeaCom 2018-2020. He is also a Topic Editor in MDPI Electronics.

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