Article on QRIS Simulation platform by WNL TEAM published in IEEE ACCESS

An article “QRIS: A QuaDRiGa-Based Simulation Platform for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces” by Ilya Burtakov, Andrey Tyarin, Alexey Kureev and Evgeny Khorov is published in the IEEE Access journal. A version of the article is available in IEEE Xplore and ResearchGate.

This article focuses on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) – a promising technology, able to improve the performance of wireless networks. Despite the high interest in RIS in the research community, none of the existing simulation platforms allow studying the performance of wireless communication systems using RIS in complex multi-device scenarios. To solve this problem, WNL and the HSE Wireless Networks Laboratory have developed an open-source simulation platform called QRIS.

At the heart of QRIS is the QuaDRiGa wireless channel modeling library, which supports many well-established channel models for various wireless technologies and scenarios, both indoors and outdoors. In this library takes into account such essential physical effects as shadowing and accurate modeling of spatial correlation, which is important for modeling MIMO systems.

QRIS can be used to evaluate the performance of a RIS-aided system at various geometric locations with different numbers of RIS elements, operating frequencies, and scenario configurations. A distinctive feature of QRIS is the ability to take into account the simultaneous use of several RIS and their interaction. QRIS has a flexible architecture and allows users to integrate and study various radiation patterns of RIS elements, including realistic ones obtained as a result of real measurements or simulations using CST Microwave Studio or HFSS.

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