Evgeny Khorov co-chairs an IAB Workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End-Users

The Internet Architecture Board is holding the workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End-Users. Evgeny Khorov, the head of Wireless Networks Lab, will serve as the workshop co-chair.

The Internet in 2021 is quite different from what it was 10 years ago. Today, it is a crucial part of everyone’s daily life. People use the Internet for their social life, for their daily jobs, for routine shopping, and for keeping up with major events. An increasing number of people can access a Gigabit connection, which would be hard to imagine a decade ago. And, thanks to improvements in security, people trust the Internet for both planning their finances and for everyday payments.

At the same time, some aspects of end-user experience have not improved as much. Many users have typical connection latency that remains at decade-old levels. Despite significant reliability improvements in data center environments, end users often see interruptions in service. Transport improvements, such as QUIC, Multipath TCP, and TCP Fast Open are still not fully supported in some networks. Likewise, various advances in the security and privacy of user data are not widely supported, such as encrypted DNS to the local resolver.

The workshop convenes interested researchers, network operators, and Internet technologists to share their experiences and to collaborate on the steps needed to define properties and metrics with the goal of improving Internet access for all users. The major factor behind the lack of progress on this topic is that throughput is often considered solely as the quality of Internet connectivity indicator. The workshop seeks works that also focus on latency, connection reliability, available protocol and services, security, and privacy. The workshop welcomes submissions that dive into particular technologies, to the extent of helping to set the context for the discussion. The workshop itself will be a virtual meeting over several sessions, with focused discussion based on the position paper topics received.

Evgeny Khorov has a rich experience serving as a chair. He is a TPC Chair of the IEEE Globecom 2018 Workshop on Cloudified Architectures for 5G and beyond Systems, IEEE BlackSeaCom 2019, Executive Chair of WiFlex 2013. He serves as an expert of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Science Foundation, and also as an editor for Ad Hoc Networks.

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