WNL members awarded for the Best Demo at MobiHoc 2022

In October, Wireless Networks Lab members participated in the MobiHoc 2022 conference with two demo papers. This conference in Seoul, South Korea is the first international conference in a long time, in which the authors from WNL took part in person.

The demonstration “A Prototype of Uplink NOMA Wi-Fi with Successive Interference Cancellation” by Roman Zlobin, Alexey Kureev, and Evgeny Khorov has won the “Best Demo” award. The work studies the non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) technology in Uplink in Wi-Fi networks. Using this technology, multiple stations can simultaneously transmit frames to an access point in the same frequency channel. The access point processes frames with Successive Interference Cancellation, using the difference in the signal powers of these frames. The paper considers a comparison of Successive Interference Cancellation with Parallel Constellation Demapping, previously proposed by the authors. The demonstration shows uplink NOMA transmission of two frames with different combinations of modulation and coding schemes, as well as transmission of two video streams through Uplink NOMA.

The second demo “Feasibility of Simultaneous Transmit and Receive in Wi-Fi 7 Multi-Link Devices” by Ilya Levitsky, Yaroslav Okatiev and Evgeny Khorov is dedicated to one of the key innovations in Wi-Fi 7 – multi-link operation. Wi-Fi 7 devices will be able to communicate using multiple frequency channels at once, but some of the devices may have limitations. If interference occurs between channels, simultaneous transmission and reception on different channels is not possible, resulting in performance degradation. The paper explores under what conditions such interference occurs, and what can be done to partially bypass the restrictions even under interference conditions. The demonstration shows that ordinary mobile Wi-Fi devices located nearby can experience problems when receiving data, even if they operate in different frequency channels.

MobiHoc is an annual international conference on theory, algorithmic foundations and protocol development for mobile networks and mobile computing. This is a highly rated conference with the rank of Core A.