Head of Wireless Networks Lab Evgeny Khorov Participates in The Moscow Financial Forum 2019

The Moscow Financial Forum has been held in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow on September 12 – 13, 2019. This is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow. It leads to gather experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, representatives of many areas related to the Russian economy to exchange significant experience and knowledge, to find efficient solutions to make Russia more competitive on international and domestic levels.

Head of Wireless Networks Lab Evgeny Khorov participates in the promising discussion dedicated to the potential of the young generation.  The title of the session is ‘Youth as the main resource for achieving national goals’. Evgeny arises the attention on young scientists’ contribution in the Russian economy, and points out the current problems to bring up young generation and hold young talented people in Russia. The generation of young scientists are especially valuable for economy but either highly sensitive to existing environment in the country. For the Russian government it is tremendously important both to support technological projects and to aid institutions with creating of competitive, inclusive and hospitable ecosystem for young researchers. Supporting young people by providing them with a high quality education and ponderable career opportunities will boost their capacities to build the future wellbeing of Russia. The discussion must provide expert society with the productive approaches to the new generation and find reasonable solutions to build a more efficient economy environment to make the country prosperous and wealthy.

Evgeny Khorov is the head of the Wireless Networks Lab at IITP RAS and vice chair of the Problems of Information Transmission and Data Analysis Department at MIPT. In 2018 he received Scopus Award Russia for his publications.

Wireless Networks Lab is a ‘Megagrant’ lab established in 2017 around the project on Cloudified Wireless Networks for 5G and beyond, led by Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. The team regularly reports at leading IEEE conferences, runs industrial projects and contributes to standardization of wireless networks.